Fiber Optic Internet Services

Fast, Reliable and Unlimited Fiber Internet

In Today's world your business relies on your ability to communicate. Let GTS help you build a fast reliable communications network that will improve your productivity, reduce your costs and give you a competitive edge.
Today, networking and the internet are undoubtedly the strongest pillars of the telecommunication service industry. Without fast and reliable access to the virtual world, vital components of your business dynamics can come to a standstill. We believe in the implementation of innovative technologies that will enhance and link technology-driven solutions and lead to faster development of your corporate strategies.

Internet connectivity, WAN networking and MPLS networks rely upon three major elements: speed, reliability and quality of service. These will prove of great value to your business when you run high volume bandwidth intensive applications such as video conferencing, hosting, cloud computing or quality sensitive Voice over IP inter office communications, just to name a few. Our team of dedicated specialists will bring to you the most up to date solutions that fiber optic technology can provide. In order to generate quicker and better returns on business investments, our dedicated Fiber Optic Services have been specially designed with the needs of today’s enterprises in mind.


Connect multiple offices with a direct secure MPLS connection


Equal download & upload with symmetrical speeds


Increase network productivity with speeds of up to 100Gb


Meet future business needs with unlimited bandwidth

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