Co-Location and Backup Services

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Park your servers in good hands with GTS Canada. We offer a wide range of data center Server Co-location options and services, including shared, small and dedicated cabinets. Server Co-location is the perfect solution if you already own or want to own your own servers and your e-business demands the ultimate in reliability and security. We can offer Quebec/Ontario & Alberta based hosting locations. We also offer Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Cold Storage Services to meet your Disaster Recovery Plans!

Offsite Backup

GTS provides total peace of mind, by securely and consistently protecting your data. Our turnkey solutions ensure that data protection is effortless, and our 10 years of experience ensure that recovery is fast and stress-free. Comprehensive data protection for your physical and virtual servers. Also Data protection for laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Welcome to the new age of Maintenance-free backups that eliminates archaic tapes. We can offer Services in Quebec/Ontario/Alberta & Saskatoon!

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting allows your enterprise to gain full control of the physical server, and provides complete access to all its resources. Contrary to virtual private servers, where you control a virtualized machine on a server that may host several other virtual environments, with Dedicated Server Hosting, since you are not sharing resources with other customers, you have full access to more computing power than you would with any other basic hosting solutions. We can offer Quebec/Ontario & Alberta based server locations!

IOT Cloud

The IOT Cloud is a disruptive technology which offers cost savings as well as flexibility and enhanced productivity. Our experts will take the time to gain a holistic understanding of your business, your market, and your people before we propose the correct solution for you. Whether that solution is cloud, on-premise or a mix of both (hybrid), when we’re agreed on the best way forward we’ll implement the solution smoothly and be there holding your hand to make sure you realize all the potential benefits!

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