At GTS we are believers in the cloud. We understand the cloud in all its different flavors and can show your business how to benefit from the cloud. We’re not tied to outdated business models or skill-sets so we can take a fresh stance and help you take advantage of the technology that can make your business more flexible, collaborative and successful.


We have over 10 years experience supporting businesses of all sizes from one man bands and start-ups to international enterprises with hundreds of employees, franchisees, and contractors. We also specialize in working with IT firms through our Channel Partner Program to help their staff add value to their base service offerings for their own clients.

Our service is always friendly and helpful, and while we provide expert advice we’ll avoid technical jargon wherever we can. We recognize that people are key to success in business and we make sure we look after ours. Everyone has a personal development plan and we support individual development through training, study time and qualifications. As a result, our team are some of the most qualified in the industry holding multiple qualifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Epson and industry standards such as ITIL.

As much as we value technical knowledge we also know commercial understanding is every bit as important which is why our team skilled in change management, facilitation and business. We want to be more than your Internet Vendor, we want to be your strategic partner, we take the time to understand your business and industry so we can highlight to how the right IT solutions can give you a real competitive advantage. You can trust us to bring experience and knowledge that will deliver real value to your future.

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We provide business changing consultancy ensuring your IT business strategy and accelerates growth. We look at processes with a fresh pair of eyes, account for legacy but not be tied to it and see options others haven’t. When implementing solutions we don’t just look at it as an IT project, we believe that the success of the project is decided by what happens next, after all, what use is the greatest IT system if no one uses it?

With this in mind, we discuss managing the business change from day one. We’ll address possible obstacles with you, discuss with you who we need to get on board and make sure they’re engaged, and make sure the right training solution is put in place to help everyone get as much as they can from your systems. Ultimately we’ll make sure that the value and planned benefits are realized.

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